Operating - surgical microscope


Operating microscope – the vision of modern dentistry

Operating microscope is an inseparable help in many fields of modern dentistry. The current trend is minimum invasive approach, striving for maximum aesthetic and functional solutions and the highest possible accuracy and precision of the treatment. Human eye cannot define all the subtleties of the fine structures and their changes.


Operating microscope shows us easily the gaps along imperfectly performed fillings or jacket crowns, cracks in the teeth or smaller caries, which cannot be diagnosed even through X-ray scanning. Thanks to multiplying and spatial viewing combined with LED lightning, the dentist can recognise the smallest details signalling a possible problem. Thanks to the operating microscope the diagnosing is very accurate.

Endodontic therapy

Endodontics is one of the many fields of dentistry where operating microscopes have found many ways of usage. Thanks to perfect lightning and 25 times multiplied viewing of the operated area, the dentist can search out all the root canals and carry out flawlessly their following treatment – thus there is a better chance of a successful treatment. Operating microscope is of significance during solving possible complications after endodontic therapy, such as separated instrument in the root canal or treatment of a spot where the tooth has been perforated.

Jacket crowns and bridges

Operating microscope gives the dentist close control during milling of the tooth for placement of bridge or jacket crown and ensures the quality control of the taken impressions during the preparatory phase or at the end during attaching the finished prosthetics. Using of operating microscope during preparations of the tooth for a jacket crown or a bridge makes it possible to carry out the work exactly without damaging the surrounding tissue.

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