To wish not only for healthy mouth but also for a beautiful smile is natural

The colour of one’s teeth is individual and inborn just as the colours of one’s skin or hair. Even by healthy teeth the colour changes. Unlike in childhood the adults’ teeth tend to darkening, loss of tooth shine and translucence. The colour of one’s teeth is also unfavourably changed by outer influences (drinks, food, bad hygiene), the colour can also change as a consequence of injuries or treatment (amalgam, root canal treatment) and it can be also caused by some hereditary and inborn defects of enamel development. 


Teeth whitening will boost your confidence

Only healthy teeth without caries can be whitened. The whitening does not affect fillings and prosthetic dental works; therefore it is sometimes necessary to redo the fillings and jacket crowns. One has to be also careful about exposed and sensitive tooth necks. Before the teeth whitening, it is always necessary to get rid of outer dental pigmentation and tartar. The prerequisite of the successful teeth whitening is mastered dental hygiene. 

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