Toothache and sore gums


What are the most usual causes of pain?

The most common causes of pain are dental caries. Caries appear when the tooth enamel is disrupted and the bacteria get in. Caries do not cause pain at the beginning.

Gingivitis is caused by the presence of dental microbial plaque. The gingivitis is signalled by gum bleeding and it can be prevented by careful hygiene of the oral cavity.

Periodontitis is a common disease. It evolves if you do not have your gingivitis treated. Periodontitis without adequate treatment can cause bad breath, unattractive look, permanent pain and tooth loss.

Wisdom teeth can also cause pain. If they are stuck between other teeth they become a long-term problem which can be solved only by their extraction.

What if I have toothache and sore gums?

If your teeth started to be painful, do not try to only kill the pain. The pain shows that there is something wrong.

If you are in pain, we offer you help in our dental practice.

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