"I want to get rid of the pain"


I had an injury, I feel pain or my tooth is open and I need immediate help


Our dental practice offers immediate treatment to everyone during working hours, no exceptions.

A client in acute pain takes precedence over others. Our dental practice meets your needs.


  Zubní bolest otevřený zub

From time to time a pain appears, I am afraid there is something wrong


Toothache and sore gums can have many different causes – from those less serious to those that put your life in danger. Your body signals by the pain that a danger appeared.

We strongly recommend you not to ignore these signals.


  Zubní bolest dlouhodobě občas

Regularly I find small bumps on my gums. I do not know if it is allright


Microsurgical dentistry helps to save those teeth that have been originally intended for extraction. Each swelling of mucous membranes is always caused by something and usually it is caused by an immune reaction of the organism against some kind of stimulation. The stimulation can be of mechanical, chemical, but in most cases of bacterial origin. If you had your teeth root canal treated, these teeth might be the cause of problems.


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