Dental hygiene


“I know that a clean tooth will not decay”


I want to make an appointment for dental hygiene

Dental hygienist (or dentist) assesses the state of health of the teeth and gums, checks the efficiency of teeth cleaning. The aim of the following instructions, treatment and leading of the patient is to teach the patient to take care of his/ her teeth and gums in order to prevent cavities and keep the gums healthy.  The only way to reach healthy gums and teeth is a mastered dental hygiene.


  Dentální hygiena parodontologie air flow

I want to make an appointment for periodontal examination

Periodontics is a dental discipline aimed at prevention and treatment of the diseases affecting the anchoring system of the tooth, in most cases gingivitis and periodontitis. Health and beauty are nowadays two keystones of the life quality measuring. The more and more complicated demands of our patient in the field of face aesthetics are also reflected in periodontics. The formation of exposed roots, dark interdental triangles and spaces can disturb the appearance of the face.


  Dentální hygiena parodontologie odhalené citlivé krčky

My dentist advised me to have my teeth examined

Our professional dental practice performs complex periodontal treatment starting from the dental hygiene ending at the aesthetic reconstruction including the covering of the dental necks and controlled tissue regeneration of clients coming from other dental practises.


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