For dentists


Our specialists are sought out by other dentists in cases that demand professional and complicated therapy. We offer help in the following fields




  • intraosseal cylindrical Straumann Dental Implants


  • planning and navigation with the use of Planmeca Promax 3D


  • Sinus Floor Elevation and other friendly augmentation technique using Newtron Piezotome


  • practical experience in the field since 1993, long-term publication at Czech and international summits
  Implantologie implantáty zubní Mazur Pšeničný Karlovo náměstí Praha

Microscopic surgery


  • root canal treatment by teeth with complicated anatomy
  • endodontic retreatment
  • removal of broken tools
  • covering of root perforations by MTA
  • pulpotomy of temporary teeth
  Mikroskopická stomatologie zubní Mazur Pšeničný Karlovo náměstí Praha



  • complex periodontic treatment
  • regular recall visits
  • microsurgical approaches, minimum invasive surgical techniques
  • guided tissue and bone regeneration in periodontology
  • surgical covering of gingival recesses
  Parodontologie zubní Mazur Pšeničný Karlovo náměstí Praha

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