Periodontitis is a disease that doubles the danger of a heart attack


Do you have problems with gums?

Exposed dental necks are aesthetically disturbing and sometimes also very sensitive. Their emersion is not conditioned by gingivitis but by other equally serious influences which have to be eradicated.


The first symptom of an inflammatory disease is swollen and reddish gums that bleed when touched. It means that the preventive care failed and you or your children have to seek out a specialist.


Another symptom of a bacterial gingivitis is bad breath. You cannot smell it after a certain time but people around you can. As a consequence of the gingivitis, the bone around the tooth recedes and the tooth starts to move. That is the moment when you might lose the tooth. Even at that moment it is still possible to save it or at least prolong its viability for years.


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Why is it important to treat periodontitis?


Many people do not realise that it is a gum disease, even though the first symptoms appear in childhood already and it is a disease that we have to face all our life.


In the past, people lived up to 40 years of average age. That long it takes for the uncured teeth to fall out. The consequential innocuousness and the reduction of food intake lead to the failure of the organism and death.



Nowadays people live twice as long in average and if you want to keep your own teeth until old age you have to take care of them.


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Why to visit our periodontist?


  • Each saved tooth is better than the best implant or prosthesis
  • The tissue affected by the lengthy inflammation can be restored – with the help of controlled tissue and bone regeneration
  • Thanks to microsurgery we can restore the gum up to the exposed necks – an aesthetical smile is important
  • Modern periodontics is not only about tartar removal but it is complex health policy
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