Ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges (fixed partial dentures)


"I would like to have my teeth restored using the best quality materials"


I want to have a beautiful and natural smile

Ceramic veneers are thin layers of aesthetic ceramics which are placed over the front surface of the tooth. Using ceramic veneers helps to achieve surprising results and a beautiful smile. Thanks to the special technique of attaching the ceramic veneers, it is possible – for the first time in the history of dentistry – to restore the straight surface of the tooth without gap.

We use computer analysis for best result of aesthetic reconstructions. More about the

Smile design


  Keramické fazety estetika

I want to have a disabled tooth restored

Ceramic jacket crowns are used mostly after root canal treatment or as a replacement of old or unfitting crowns. The ceramic jacket crown creates the outer jacket which replaces the lost or damaged part of the tooth and at the same time meets the demands for functionality and aesthetics of a natural tooth.


  Keramické korunky endodoncie

I want to replace a missing tooth

Ceramic dental bridges replace the missing teeth. But it is difficult to clean them, therefore it is convenient to replace the tooth by an implant. Dental implants substitute the roots and are made of pure titanium. The biggest advantages of the procedure are perfect aesthetics, better condition for carrying out dental hygiene and preservation of the surrounding teeth. It is necessary to place the ceramic veneer, jacket crown or dental bridge with accuracy and to choose the right material. That is why we cooperate with a top dental laboratory which guarantees quality.


  Keramické můstky implantáty

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