Teeth whitening


“I would like to have beautiful white teeth”


My teeth are yellowed and I want to have them professionally whitened

Teeth whitening belongs to regular procedures, such as dental hygiene, cosmetics or hairdressers. Teeth whitening is a minor cosmetic intervention during which no tissues are damaged. Have your teeth whitened and you will get a beautiful and natural smile.


  Bělení zubů

One of my teeth is darker and I want it to have the same colour as the others

Internal teeth whitening is a more complicated procedure during which singular darker teeth are whitened. The internal teeth whitening is used by teeth without living dental pulp that can either be the consequence of an injury or the root canal treatment.


  Bělení zubů vnitřní bělení

My teeth are yellowed from smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee

Cleaning of the tooth’s surface from coffee, tea or cigarette pigments is a part of the Dental Hygiene and is carried out in a gentle way (we use the Air Flow method). In many cases the main reason of teeth discoloration happens to be the rough enamel surface which is visible under multiple enlargements by the operating microscope. In those cases it is advisable to restore and smooth the enamel surface.


  Bělení zubů pigmenty

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