Dental implants


"I want to get an implant non-recognisable from other teeth"


What to do by tooth loss?


  • Classic replacement: missing teeth are replaced with dental jacket crowns, bridges or dentures. During these procedures the neighbouring teeth have to be milled to ensure attachment of the artificial dentures.


  • Dentures carried by dental implants: dental implant is an artificial root and nowadays dental implants are used as the most natural replacement for a lost tooth. It is a stable basis for long-term placement of a jacket crown or dental bridge, it carries over the chewing pressure into the bone which thus remains voluminous and dense. Dental implants are a convenient technique for placement of different dentures which do not get loose in the mouth during chewing and speaking.


  Implantáty Mazur a Pšeničný keramické náhrada zub

What to do by complete teeth loss?


The health condition of your teeth influences the way the society accepts you.


In our dental practice we carry out complete reconstruction of intermaxillary relation with the focus on functionality, aesthetics and long-term results. The teeth are not only necessary for consumption of food and for right pronunciation but also for the complete look of your face, that is why it is reasonable to seek out the help of an expert.


We use computer analysis for best result of aesthetic reconstructions. More about the

Smile design

  Implantáty rekonstrukce náhrady snímatelné protéza

Why to use our dental implant?


  • Dental implants made of pure titanium – top-quality of the Suisse company STRAUMANN
  • Aesthetic and functional dentures of one tooth as well as complete reconstructions of toothless jaws
  • High success rate, documentable by fifteen-year intern study
  • Professionalism of our dentists and the joy of a well-done job
  Implantáty keramické náhrada zub

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