Microscopic dentistry


Microscopic dentistry increases the quality of the procedure and opens new possibilities for saving your teeth


Why is operating microscope so unique?

Microscopic dentistry gives the operating dentist a detail view of the performed treatment. Microscopic dentistry increases the quality of the treatment and also success rate in all fields of dentistry.


The dentist must see and be aware of the proportions in the order of millimetres. The possibility to control such a delicate treatment multiplies the chances of success.


In many fields of medicine, e.g. heart surgery, optic, plastic surgery and others, using of operating microscope is absolutely natural.


  Mazur Pšeničný operační mikroskop

What advantages does it offer?

The detail viewing of the operated area enables the dentist to see even hidden causes of the pain.

Minimum invasive approach spares the hard dental and the surrounding soft tissue.

The result is a permanent and highly aesthetic filling.


If the dentist uses operating microscope during root canal treatment, the chances of a successful treatment increase by 50%.


Another advantage is visualisation and the solution of complications after an endodontic treatment such as the treatment of teeth with complicated anatomy or removal of separated instruments.

Accuracy is the most important part of a successful treatment with jacket crowns and dental bridges.

Accuracy eliminates the joint which is always the source of a bacterial infection.

  Mikroskopická stomatologie operační mikroskop Praha 2

Why to use operating microscope? 

  • Microscope is accurate in the order of micrometres and perfects the performance of a dentist
  • There are too many details hidden to human eye: “I can only treat that which I see.”
  • We guarantee professional performance of the treatment by our trained team


  • Operating microscope is the crown jewel of modern dentistry
  Mazur Pšeničný mikroskopická stomatologie

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