X-rays, 3D imaging and CT scanning


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I want to have my teeth carefully examined

Preventive examination with the dental X-ray machine is vitally important because most of the caries remain hidden. The goal of preventive examination is to prevent the development of diseases and irreversible changes of the organism.

Each chair of our dental practice is equipped with X-ray scanning; panoramic radiographs and even with Cone Beam computed tomography (CBCT) in a specialized room. CBCT is new type of technique. It enables the dentist to gain 3D images of the scanned areas, furthermore vertical and horizontal cross sections. Finally, the CBCT represents smaller amount of radiation than the whole-body CT.


  Preventivní kontrola zubní rentgen kaz

I do not know if I have enough bone for an implant

3D tomography is an examination by special device which gives the dentist a look on your jaw bones and parts around them. The dentist can choose the best implant for you with millimetre accuracy and plan the surgery in detail. Fortune has always favoured the prepared.


  Preventivní kontrola zubní rentgen implantát kost


My dentist advised me to take an examination

You can order X-ray scanning by our professional dental practice anytime during working hours. The digital screening of the Planmeca Promax 3D enables wide spectrum of panoramic images, TMJ or CBCT images. We will download immediately your scans on a portable medium – USB Flash Memory.



  Preventivní kontrola zubní rentgen vyšetření specialista

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