Endodontic therapy – root canals treatment


"Dental treatment is like making clocks – you need time, skill and top-quality magnifying equipment"


I have toothache after drinking warm or cold drinks

During working hours we offer immediate help to everyone, no exceptions. Client in acute pain takes precedence over others. Our dental practice meets your needs. The cold sensitive teeth can signal the presence of deep caries and usually mean that a root canal treatment is necessary.


  Bolest studené kořenové kanálky endodoncie

I have the feeling there is bulge on my tooth or there is a bump on my gum

Microsurgical dentistry is aimed at correction of complications which are consequences of a previous imperfect treatment. Without appropriate magnifying and lightning it is not possible to perform root canal treatment of a tooth with complicated anatomy well. The whole treatment then results in lengthy inflammations inside the jaw and weakening of the organism.


  Bolest zubní boulička váček kořenové kanálky endodoncie


My dentist recommended me for the root canal treatment

Our professional dental practice specializes on root canal treatment with the use of operating microscope, especially in cases of teeth with complicated anatomy, broken dental root tools left in the root canal and inflammation which are not healing. In those cases it is absolutely necessary to use the operating microscope.



  Operační mikroskopická stomatologie specialista

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