Dental composite - white fillings


"I would like to have high-quality fillings that will last for more than six months"


I don’t want black fillings

Dental composite fillings made of highly-resistant plastic are materials with high binding ability to dental hard tissue, above all to enamel. The big advantage of white fillings lies in their similar mechanical and optical characteristics which are comparable to real dental tissue. Moreover the unique characteristics of these fillings enable the dentist to carry out minimum intervention to the hard dental tissue.


  Bílé výplně amalgám

I want to replace big fillings in my teeth with high-quality material

Dental composite inlays and onlays are bigger fillings which replace major parts of the tooth crown. At the same time the material safely protects the dental tissue. Thanks to the material the dentist can excellently renew the functionality of the tooth whilst maximum aesthetics is achieved. We want our works to be the most accurate that is why they are produced in our laboratory. The fillings are attached to the tooth with a special adhesive technique which for the first time in history of dentistry restores the straight surface of the tooth.



  Kompozitní inlay onlay overlay korunka

I have heard that white fillings fall out of their places after certain time


The white fillings have to be carefully technically produced as any other material. If the strict rules of production are kept then it is possible to create on the long-term basis stable and aesthetic filling for the client. The dental composite fillings are better than the usual amalgam fillings, they do not contain poisonous compounds and thanks to the characteristics of the dental composite, the filling demands only minimum intervention into the tooth itself.



  Kompozitní výplně bílé

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