Preventive recall visits


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I have not seen the dentist for a long time

Preventive recall visits and regular check-ups are important because their goal lies in early diagnostic of the beginning phase of diseases of hard and soft dental tissues and in proposing their quick solution.

At the beginning each new client of our dental practice must go through introductory examination. Thus the dentist gets all the important information about the patient’s hard and soft dental tissues and will propose a plan of treatment. The client is then informed about his health status and the solutions proposed.


  Preventivní prohlídka zubař zubní

I want to make an appointment for my children

If your children come for regular check-ups, they will not have to undergo painful treatments, they will have no problems with their teeth. Bring your children regularly to the dentist to prevent dental diseases.


Do not let you children to be scared of dentist all their life.


Preventive check-ups of your child’s teeth should start when first deciduous teeth appear and repeat each 6 months.


  Preventivní prohlídka zubař zubní děti dětský kojenec

My time is expensive; I want to be treated individually

Individual approach to each client is what distinguishes us from other dental surgeries. Thanks to elaborate reservation system and prolonged working hours, our clients can make an appointment very soon. If it is necessary to perform more treatments at the same time, the treatment plan will reflect your time management.


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