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My gums bleed when I am cleaning my teeth

Gum bleeding is a very common symptom of periodontitis. There are different causes of the disease, but they all have something in common. They cannot be cured by any special toothpaste.


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I have exposed and sensitive tooth necks

Many patients suffer from sensitive necks and receding gum line. Until recently it was impossible to cure these problems. It consisted only from covering of the sensitive neck with white filling or varnish. Nowadays we can renew the connection of the tooth and the gum in the exposed spot with the help of modern microsurgery.



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My dentist recommended me to take a periodontal examination

Our professional dental practice accepts patients coming from other dentists. The curing of periodontitis is complicated and it demands the biggest possible cooperation of the patient. When the inflammation is healed the lost soft and hard dental tissue can be restored with the help of regeneration processes.


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