Amalgam fillings


Protect your health


Use of amalgam fillings causes irreversible damage of the enamel. When producing an amalgam filling, the dentist has to remove more dental tissue than necessary. The teeth are therefore fragile and they can crack into parts.


Amalgam fillings abrade the opposite teeth and in the acid environment of the oral cavity create galvanic currents and depending on the material they stain the surrounding teeth and tissue. The side effect of these fillings is a sour taste in the mouth and electric shocks when the filling gets into contact with metal objects.


During the preparation, shaping or removal of the amalgam fillings, toxic mercury gets loose in the mouth. Amalgam fillings endanger health of the dentist, the patient and therefore has their use been prohibited in the Nordic countries for years now.


In our practice we choose for your treatment white fillings. 

  Amalgám čená výplň zubní

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