Dental hygienist


Who is a dental hygienist?


Dental hygienist sets the individual treatment plan for each patient. Dental hygienist informs the patient about the state of health of the oral cavity, he/ she should explain what tartar, inflammation of the periodontium are and how these diseases come into being and how they can be cured. The hygienist proposes at the same time the treatment plan.

The hygienist removes the tartar and recommends the suitable method of teeth cleaning and the best cleaning tools. She/ he practices the cleaning technique with the patient and removes the dental pigmentation by gentle method – air flow.

The hygienist invites the patient for regular check-ups. The treatment of periodontium demands extensive cooperation of the patient. The patient should take the hygienist’s advice and take care of his/ her teeth and come for the check-ups. In order that the teeth remained healthy, the patient must follow closely the treatment plan.

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