Treatment plan



Our goal is always the complete health restoration of the client, as well as meeting his/ her demands on quality and aesthetics.


Treatment plans are prepared by our specialists. If there are several treatment options, we will choose for you the one that will suit you the most and at the same time it will not represent a compromise. Because a compromise does not usually mean an optimum treatment, compromise means that the expectations of neither side are met. The optimum way of creating a treatment plan is agreement between the dentist and the client in the sense of mutual victory – that is a consensus. Only then can the client be utterly cured on the long-term basis and the dentist can be satisfied with the work.

We approach each client individually.

The treatment plan is given to the client after discussion. The treatment plan consists of list of the treatment planned and the prices of each treatment option.

  Léčebný plán zubní ošetření

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