Periodontal diseases



Gingivitis is caused by bacteria in the dental plaque which always stays on the teeth and mucous membranes. After several days the dental plaque mineralizes and it turns into tartar. You can successfully fight the gingivitis with the help of careful dental hygiene.


Periodontitis is the next stage of the untreated gingivitis when the bacteria spread into depth, where they and their toxic metabolic secretions disrupt junction between the tooth surface and surrounding gum and bone. Periodontitis causes the recession of periodontal ligaments, shrinkage of an anchoring tooth in the bone and, at the end, loosening of the tooth.Periodontitis leads to dissolution of the bone around the tooth. Periodontitis must be professionally treated.

Exposed tooth necks

Tooth necks become exposed when the gum recedes from the tooth neck. The teeth become very sensitive to various stimulus, usually touch at the beginning. The cause of the disease may lie in bad dental hygiene or overload of the tooth. The aesthetically disturbing parts were in the past covered with white fillings which was not a long-term solution. Nowadays it is possible to cover the exposed necks microsurgically with the patient’s gums.

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