Introductory examination


We meet the individual expectations of each client


The introductory examination is carried out by each new client and usually during the first meeting. The goal of the introductory examination is to inform the dentist about the client’s state of health, dental state of health, gum and the surrounding tissue state of health. As part of the introductory examination the diagnosing X-ray images are produced, for more complicated cases the practice is equipped with Cone beam computed tomography and operating microscope.


Only a general examination and understanding of the client’s demands can lead to successful treatment. Based on the introductory examination the dentist prepares the treatment plan.


During the next meeting the dentist will describe to you your state of health, propose the solutions and explain the possible risks. The patient is also informed about the prices and costs of the complete treatment according to the options. The differences and advantages of each option can be explained to you during consulting of the treatment plan.

  Vstupní vyšetření zubní ordinace

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